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Simple Rule of the Day: 365(+1) Actionable Tools for a Better You

I strongly believe that personal development should be accessible to anyone. Indeed, my mission in life is to: “Make tomorrow better than today, step by step, and help others to do the same.” Thus, I decided to make all the simple rules of the book accessible also here:

Then, if any of the simple rules resonate with you, you can buy the book 😉

About the book:

“What would your life be like in one year if, every day, you add at least one simple rule that enhances a part of your life in some way? Will your life be better with 365 more enhancing simple rules for improvement?”

One idle day, I wondered this myself and my answer was: “Hell, yes!” I shared one simple rule every day for one year on my Facebook account.

This manuscript covers this yearlong journey.

This manuscript may not make you lose 20kg, launch your $1-billion online platform, or allow you to live happily ever after with your “the one”. Or maybe this book will do all that for some of you. However, one thing it will do for sure: it will make you a better you.

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